About Us

PT Alfa Kreasitama known as alfarecords is a record company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded on October 10, 2002 by Alfiansyah and Rifandi. This company is engaged in the production and distribution of recording products in the form of tapes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs. At the beginning, the production and distribution of recording products focused on classic music products for babies, toddlers and pregnant women (the Mozart Effect,licensed from the Children’s Group inc, Canada).

Now PT Alfa Kreasitama has many music products with various genres such as pop, groovy jazz, house music, rap, rock, religion and instrumental. both from domestic and foreign musicians. PT Alfa Kreasitama is one of the most influential local record companies in Indonesia.

– Become a label that has a positive influence on many people

– Be selective in choosing talents, have a positive image and have good character
– Selective in choosing songs that tend to be positive or neutral
– Focus on making videos that provide positive education for many people

– Positif Global Kreasitama (Musik Positif)
– Alfa Pustaka Nada (APN)
– Alfa Talent Management (ATM)

– Virzha
– Natta Reza
– Indra Sinaga
– Reza Darmawangsa
– Raissa Anggiani
– Chiekannisa
– Eltasya Natasha


Be devoted to Allah SWT, Creative and Innovative, Trusthworthy, Teamwork, Totality